The  Azzollini  Francesco Marbles  snc, was  founded  in 1964  in Trani , Puglia , where  Azzollini’s  family by three  generations  extracts  and  works  Trani  stone  ,  in  order  to  value  the  most  representative  material  of  our  region  .
The   productivity   cycle  of  the  Azzollini  Francesco  Marbles  snc  is   based  on  the  use  of  modern  structures  and  working  equipments  in  order  to  guarantee  a wide range  of  products  from  serial  production  to custom designs   like  blocks ,  slabs , floors,  cladding, manufactured  and semi-manufactered,  products.
TheAzzollini  Francesco Marbles  snc, makes our clients possible to choose from an infinite number of combinations between format, finish, color and thickness.



The collection of products from  Azzollini  Francesco Marbles  snc  is categorized  in Interior and Exterior, Blocks and Slabs

The  Interior  collection  is  dedicated  to the traditional sector of  constructions  . We  can  provided  a  various types of  products such as paving, stairs, walls,  steps, coping and cladding for pools,  foundations, pilasters, lintels, architectural elements, exterior  cladding, roofs etc.
We can provide cut to sizes  in different  finishes  like raw, polished ,honed ,bushammered, chisel and antiqued.

The Exterior collection was specifically created  to satisfy in a coordinated manner all the construction needs for natural  materials in both landscape and urban environments.

The Exterior collection  aid designers and contractors  to resolve the most  disparate construction  needs in landscape design.

The material produced today is identical  to that which was produced by our  ancestors and used in the great works of the past  like  castles, cathedrals.
The Trani material is durable and confirmed  through laboratory tests to be of high density, low coefficient of absorption, high resistance to abrasion, compression and flection. It’s technical and aesthetic performance is among the best of the natural stones available in the market and it permits  for application under the most severe conditions.         
Our products are ecological  and have a low environmental impact.

The Exterior collection contains three different  lines :

The Rustic line
The Antique line
The Urban Pavement line

The Rustic line is composed  of :

The binders : The binders border all sort of pavings. Of course, they can be also used for paving roads or to form flowerbeds and traffic islands for example. The binders present a quarry natural surface and splitted sides, which are perpendicular to the plane or sligthtly under-squared. The way of working of the binders is the way of production of the tiles very similar.


The Cubes: The  Trani Stone cubes are worked through splitting machines, where they are subdivided in different types according to their dimensions. The dimension of the cubes is determinated from the slabs thickness they are obtained from. The surface is quarry natural and thanks to its light roughness it permits a comfortable walk. The cubes are used expecially for paving streets, foot-pathes, avenues, squares and arcades.


The Tiles :The tiles with splitted sides are produced with the help of splitting machines. This is the reason why their sides are seldom exact amd why they can have a tolerance of 0,50 cm on the different dimensions. The surface is quarry natural. The tiles with splitted side are very often used for paving historical town centers, footh-pathes, squares, roads or terraces.


The irregular slabs :The irregular slabs are mainly used for paving courtyards, avenues, footh-pathes, terraces, to stone house-walls and as borders for swimming pools. The irregular slabs are already obtained during the quarry first sorting. According to the thickness and the dimension of the slabs we can get the normal type, the thin type, the big type or the big/thin type.


The regular slabs :The surface of  regular slabs is quarry natural, while the back is sawn because is obtained by gangsaws. The regular slabs are used to cover walls and facades.


The garden rock:  They can be used to decorate gardens and flower plants



The Antique line is composed of :

The Antique collection was specifically created for places full of history,because our stone with a particular procedure can assume an antiqued appearance ,like old stone.



The Urban Pavement Line is composed of :

Split tiles are produced with a sawn surface that can be raw, bushammered,chisel and antiqued.Widht,thickness and length can be variable according  to the type of traffic if pedestrian or vehicular
They are normally used in private and public spaces, pavements and terraces



The kerbs are used to border footh-pathes, flowerbeds, staircases and all sort of pavings.



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